Wines for Warmer Weather

Fruit forward wines for the spring

With the snow melting away and creeping toward jacket weather, we know that spring is almost here. Plymouth Liquor Barrel owner Jim Christensen recommends these two white wines for spring—they aren’t heavy on aromas and carry sweet fruit flavors.

The first is Vinoh Verde, a wine originating from Portugal. “It’s fruity, spritzier than most wines,” says Christensen. This white wine is semi-sweet, features an “aroma of intense tropical fruit,” not complicated and quite inexpensive at $5.99 a bottle.

They also offer wines from Starling Castles, a German wine maker. In particular, Christensen recommends trying the Riesling variety for $8.99. Less spritzy than Vinoh Verde, Riesling carries a slight acidity from the citrus flavor mixed with mango and pear flavors.