Workplace Poker

Dan Rust channels his years of corporate career experience.

Author and corporate guru Dan Rust has released his first novel, Workplace Poker, which helps professionals harness the extra skills necessary to propel themselves through their careers by navigating the ins and outs of the corporate environment. The Plymouth resident has worked in corporate development and training for more than 20 years, gaining insights into the nuisances of office politics.

“[To] summarize the book in a nutshell: there comes a point where talent and hard work is no longer a differentiator in terms of career advancement,” Rust says. “You have to develop good relationships and understand the culture of the business.”

Workplace Poker features stories and anecdotes from the professional world to illustrate Rust’s advice and knowledge. He says the book isn’t your average business self-help text, describing his writing style and tone as “sassy and a little humorous.”

To see more of Rust’s writing and learn more about the book, visit Published through HarperCollins Business, Workplace Poker is available wherever books are sold, in stores and online. $14–$26 on