Ladybug Takes the Stage at the Hilde

by | Aug 2023

Ladybug Takes the Stage at the Hilde

Photo: Rebecca Shamblin

An unexpected performance at the Hilde.

“We had actually gone to the Hilde specifically to take some family photos that night. My daughters had been extremely patient and cooperative, so we were letting them run wild a bit before heading home. They climbed up onto the stage to play but were fascinated by the tiny ladybug. It really made me think about how childhood functions on a completely different time frame. They were both absolutely willing to stop everything and spend 10 minutes watching a tiny bug crawl across an enormous stage … Family photos can be a stressful time for some, but there are usually a few moments of peace and beauty to be captured …” —Rebecca Shamblin

Photographer: Rebecca Shamblin
Title: Ladybug Takes the Stage at the Hilde
Equipment: Sony Alpha 7R III Mirrorless Camera, Sony FE 55mm F1.8 ZA lens
Location: Hilde Performance Center
First Place: People & Families

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