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by | Oct 2022

Co-Founders Ben Zaver and Hannah Perez in the Seeq warehouse.

Co-Founders Ben Zaver and Hannah Perez in the Seeq warehouse. Photos: Chris Emeott

Meet the business that’s revolutionizing the protein powder market.

Seven figures in seven months. That’s the growth Plymouth native Ben Zaver has seen since launching the whey protein powder company Seeq Supply in October 2021. With a protein-rich formula (available in three flavors) that tastes more like fruit juice than chocolate milk, Seeq is now delivered to homes nationwide from a Plymouth warehouse. That is, whenever they can keep it in stock.

“I knew [Seeq] was going to do well, [but] I didn’t think it was going to go this fast. It’s insane,” Zaver says. “We could not be ordering more!”

After trying a handful of products that he wasn’t very passionate about while attending Mankato State University, Zaver decided it was time to bring a refreshing alternative to traditional protein powder to the mainstream.

“I was like, ‘How is this not a thing?’” Zaver says.

Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Splash Seeq flavors.

Mango Pineapple and Strawberry Splash Seeq flavors.

In the pandemic days post-graduation, 24-year-old Zaver spent his days researching, making calls and setting goals alongside co-founder Hannah Perez. He spent his evenings sitting at the kitchen table with his parents, sharing plans and new knowledge. “My mom and dad helped tremendously. It’s cheesy, but they never doubted me … for one second,” he says.

The sugar, gluten and lactose-free powder boasts 22 grams of protein per serving and is available in three flavors: Mango Pineapple, Strawberry Splash and Blue Razz. A scoop of the powder in 12–16 fluid ounces of water creates a clear, refreshing drink with a Gatorade-like color and texture.

Since launch, Seeq’s tremendous success has come primarily from TikTok. Though it took some effort to gain traction (40 videos to be exact), a video of a local construction worker sampling Seeq garnered 800,000 views. “Ever since, we’ve just had momentum,” Zaver says. “We literally can’t stay in stock.”

Seeq went through its first shipment
of 14 pallets within a month. The next shipment, 38 pallets, sold half during preorder with the remaining 19 pallets soon to follow. And with a few teaser videos to promote the new Blue Razz flavor, Seeq sold out of that, too—in just six hours. Seeq even attracted the attention of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban after his son stumbled across Seeq on Tiktok and ordered the protein powder. Their rating? 10/10.

“My 83-year-old mother had to get TikTok, and so did I,” Kate Zaver says, Zaver’s mother. “I was a little skeptical [seeing Ben sell Seeq on TikTok], but … it’s pretty amazing.”

With Perez, Zaver and his brother, Will, on board full-time, a warehouse they’ve already grown out of and a shipment of more than 100 pallets on its way, it’s safe to say Seeq has quickly found success. “It feels like we launched two years ago because so much has happened … but it’s been the best journey of my life so far,” Perez says.

“… It’s been awesome,” Zaver says. “I still can’t even believe [it].”

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